PAM is an organization that is ready to handle difficulties and assist businesses with credit management and aiding debtors with debt management through openness and transparency in accordance with the laws, regulations, and auditable management system.

The Company's Strategy is the largest in Thailand, and it aims to develop strong relationships with clients and financial institutions that sell non-performing assets.

The business is part of the Hylife Group holding organization. A board of directors is also shared by the company. Hylife Group is a Thai Board of Investment (BOI)-funded worldwide business center organization that was created to invest in several sectors such as real estate and banking, land development, Manufacturing, Asset Management.

Hylife IBC, Hylife Developments, Hylife Property Developments, Hylife Global Food, Pinnacle Asset Management, Hylife Asset, and DR. Hygiene Medical Products comprise the Hylife group of enterprises. All related firms are managed by Holding.

Pinnacle Asset Management (PAM) was founded with the experience and expertise of asset management specialists.
Operating debt management with partners. and legal department to manage debts effectively and professionally
Acquire an effective debt management firm that has the potential to become a part of PAM.

Become the largest asset management company in the North.

Begin the preparations for entering Thailand stock market.


Registered on Thailand and Singapore stock exchange.

Become one of Thailand's best Asset Management companies.